Skilled worker category – This category is intended for you if you have received an eligible and valid job offer in a skilled occupation and have had many years of experience in your area of occupation.

Healthcare Professional Category — this category will be applicable to you if you have had valid experience and a job offer as a physician, nurse or health care practitioner

International Graduate Category — This category is intended for you if you have graduated from an eligible university or college in Canada in the immediately preceding three years and have a valid job offer from an employer in the province.

International Post-Graduate Category — This category is applicable for you if you have received a post graduate or Doctoral degrees from an eligible institution of higher learning in natural, applied, or health sciences from the province. You do not need a valid job offer to qualify for this category.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category — To apply under this category you will need to work in an entry-level or semi-skilled position in food processing, tourism/hospitality, or long-haul trucking

Eligibility For British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program – Entrepreneur Immigration

If you are intending invest in a locally operated business in British Columbia or set up a new one, then you would be eligible to be nominated for permanent residence under this immigration stream of British Columbia immigration. The program has the following sub categories.

1. Entrepreneur Immigration Category — This category is intended for you if you are a senior manager in a business or own a business in the province of British Columbia and have the intention and wherewithal to invest a significant amount of funds for the purpose
2. BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration — Regional Pilot – This category is intended for you if you are an international business owner and are planning to start and operate a new business in one of the smaller communities in the province. To qualify, your business should be established in a community that has less than 75,000 people and should be located more than 30 km from a larger city. This pilot program which is for a duration of two years is intended to mitigate the demographic challenges faced by the community. If you are approved through the program, then you will be given a temporary work permit in order to establish and run your business in the province for an initial period of 12 months. After the initial period has passed and if you have been found to meet the requirements of the performance agreement then you will receive a provincial nomination to apply for Canada PR

Minimum Requirements to apply for British Columbia Immigration as an Entrepreneur

You will have to satisfy the following criteria to be eligible to apply under the entrepreneur stream
1. You will need to have a personal net worth of at least 600,000 CAD which must have been legally obtained and verifiable. It could be in the name of your spouse as well
2. You will need to have work experience or credential as an active business owner and manager in a business where you have had 100 percent ownership for three out of the last five years.
3. You will need to submit a business concept that shows an active and ongoing managerial role in the day-to-day operations of business
4. You will need to show with sufficient proof that your business model is capable of creating at least one new job
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