Canadian Experience Class Program

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of three Canadian skilled worker immigration programs that are managed by the Federal Express Entry system. Specifically, the CEC is designed for permanent residence applicants who have Canadian work experience that they obtained through a temporary work permit. Seeing as temporary foreign workers are most likely already settled in Canadian society with support networks, they can easily transition to becoming permanent residents and eventual citizens of Canada. The CEC provides them with the path towards achieving this goal.   

It’s a classified program for people who are familiar with the life style of Canada and living in Canada who wish to settle here. For the selected candidates it’s a fastest option to secure a resident permit. As the candidate is inside Canada makes the transition process more smoother than the expected from temporary to permanent residency.

This program would not support or provide any options to the foreign national who wish to settle in Canada. The local work experience works in this program and facilitate to get settle in fast pace through this program in here inside Canada. 

Know your scope or chances in CEC program

Prerequisites for The Canadian Experience Class
Employment experience

You must have one year of skilled, Canadian work experience. The work experience must be:

  • for a full-time position; or
  • the equivalent time in a part-time position;
  • legally obtained in Canada;
  • from jobs defined by the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) as level 0, A or B.
Study Requirement

There is no such education or study requirement for this program. You can; however, increase your Express Entry score by:

  • earning a certificate, diploma or degree from a Canadian secondary or tertiary school;
  • completing a foreign credential;
  • getting an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) showing your previous education meets Canadian standards.
Language ability

You must:

  • take an approved language test for writing, reading, listening, and speaking;
  • meet the minimum language requirement of Canadian Language Benchmark 7 for NOC 0 or A jobs or Canadian Language Benchmark 5 for NOC B jobs.
PermissibleYou must legally be allowed to enter Canada.
IELTS General Training Test Results
      Speaking         Listening            Reading            Writing
CELPIP General Test Results 
      Speaking         Listening            Reading            Writing       
Test d’évaluation de français (TEF Canada) Test Results
      Speaking         Listening            Reading            Writing       
Test des connaissances de français (TCF Canada) Test Results
      Speaking         Listening            Reading            Writing       



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