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The UNITED KINGDOM is the most sought-after destination for aspiring students who are passionate about upgrading themselves and keen on getting a global recognition. It has been providing world-class education in a variety of areas like engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law and finance, medicine and public health. Credited with innumerable scientific researches and global scientific publications-UK has been responsible for producing the world’s very best thinkers.

  • 2nd most sought after destination with the world’s most prestigious Universities (Cambridge, Oxford, and Kings) for aspiring students who are passionate about upgrading themselves and keen on getting a global recognition.
  • Providing world-class education in a variety of areas like engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law and finance, medicine and public health.
  • Credited with innumerable scientific researches and global scientific publications responsible for producing the world’s very best thinkers.
  • UK has a unique education system with the flexibility to combine courses and subjects to suit one’s need and requirement.
  • Offers a variety of programmes (under graduation, masters and PHD) attracting more than 600,000 international students every year, enriching their personal and professional development which can make a positive impact to an amazing future ahead.
  • Has the most renowned and distinguished university campuses in the world enabling you to experience the multicultural community along with its beautiful and rich heritage.
  • The Universities here have a history of providing world-class education for over a century now and have consistently maintained their world rankings and their remarkable reputation.


International students who wish to study in UK can work for 20 hrs per week and full time during holiday. The hourly pay for on campus job varies from £8 to £9 per hour. Spouse of the student can also work if the duration of the course is more than 1 year.

UKBA has introduced Tier 2 of point based system whereby student who graduates from UK University will be able to take graduate level job in the UK with the registered companies earning a minimum of £ 21000 a year . After completion of course students are allowed to stay for a period of 4 months in order to secure a permanent job for £21000 pa or more to be eligible for work permit.


UK visa is an online submission followed by physical submission along with detailed academic and financial documentation. (for a detailed list visit any of our offices). Candidate has to personally submit the visa application.  Visa interview and medicals are introduced recently. The complete process generally takes about 3 weeks.

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From selecting suitable courses, to knowing about, and gathering official documents required for a successful visa approval, the process is tedious and overwhelming. Ray7 is here to make these complex mazes simpler for you.


In addition to the whole process being confusing, there are things like accommodation, travel plans, other facilities that you one needs to think about, while relocating to a new place. Here is where Ray7 steps in and assists you.


Study abroad requires Financial planing.Improper fund management leads you to distress, it need not be as expensive as you think it is. There are umpteen possibilities that pave the path to your favourite study destination with out financial hassles.

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The living expenses may range from 9207 pounds to 12006 pounds for 9 months. However, the cost may slightly rise if living in capital cities.

A student may on an average spend 22,000 pounds to 25,000 pounds per annum on the fees and living cost combined.

UK provides various modes of financial assistance through scholarships, bursaries, grants, fellowship, financial awards etc. The scholarships may range from a 1000 pounds to 8000 pounds.

  • Scholarships are based on merit, international scholarship and university grants.
  • Students need to apply in advance to avail any of the financial rewards.

A variety of scholarships are offered to exceptional students who wish to study here. Some of them are:

Chevening Scholarships: awarded to Indian students and other eligible countries-covers tuition cost, airfare, visa and accommodation charges.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships–intended for international students from developing countries-covers airfare, tuition fees, exam fees, personal allowance, thesis, grant allowance, arrival allowance and more.

Students opting for undergraduate or Master’s programmes can apply for a UK Student Visa (Tier 4) if

  • they have an offer on a course by the University or a licensed sponsor
  • they have enough money to support for living and tuition fees
  • they can speak, read, write and understand English

The visa must be applied 6 months before the course starts. Decision on the visa comes within 3 weeks after application.

On the tier 4 visa, a student pursuing an undergraduate course is eligible to stay for 5 years whereas students on a master’s program can stay for a period of two years.

A student can arrive in the UK

  • up to 1 week before if the course lasts for 6 months
  • up to 1 month before if the course lasts more than 6 months

Visa Fees:

  • £348 to apply for a Student visa from outside the UK
  • £475 to extend or switch to a Student visa from inside the UK


International Students with a tier 4 visa are eligible to avail National Health Service (NHS)- an abroad education health cover system if staying for more than 6 months.

  • Students will receive the same benefits as UK citizens
  • Required to pay a health surcharge as part of their visa application fee.
  • provide a document showing 70% and above marks in English.
  • IELTS/PTE score transcript: If the student has lesser than 70% in English, IELTS/PTE mandatory for application.
  1. Major intake – September / October
  2. Other Intakes – Jan / Feb, May few Universities offer rolling intakes as well


Q). How can I apply for UK student visa?
You can apply for UK student visa by submitting proof of acceptance at a full-time course in a UK university. our expert consultants can guide you in selecting the right university that fits your needs as well as help you throughout the application process and visa process

Q). How much does it cost to study in UK?
The cost for studying in UK will vary depending on the course, degree and the university that you wish to study in. reach out to us for a free consultation to personalize the details based on your own unique profile and needs as well as to discuss possible financial aid packages that can be applicable to you

Q). What are the requirements for student visa in UK?
Students who are planning to study at Bachelor’s or Master’s level in the United Kingdom will need to apply for the Tier 4 visa, which is based on a number of eligibility criteria, primary among them being

  1. Proof of English language proficiency
  2. Proof of funds
  3. Acceptance to a full time course

There are also a number of other criteria based on your personal profile and can be discussed in detail at a free consultation with our expert advisors


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