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The UK is still one of the largest countries in the world. The magnificent standard of living and multicultural cities make it one of the most attractive places for professionals who want a better life for themselves and their families. Despite the Brexit crisis, it maintains a strong economic position due to its established institutions and deep involvement in world trade. The most beautiful cities in the Uk for settlement include London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading.

Ray7 Immigration can help you navigate the problems of UK immigration law to help you settle in the world’s leading English-speaking world.

Most asked questions on UK Immigration

  1. A strong economy with established industries
  2. The great need for talented talent in order to develop its developed economy
  3. A healthy, concentrated Indian community
  4. Special and free health care through the NHS
  5. Home to some of the best universities in the world
  6. A powerful passport to help travel around the world
  1. You need to do an English Language Skills Test. This includes IELTS and TOEFL.
  2. You must be a country not included in the European Economic Area or EEA.
  3. You must have all the required documents, work experience certificates and other requirements to enroll in college or apply for a job to enter the UK.
  4. You must have the amount of money needed to support yourself during your student stay or work visa for the first years in the UK.
  5. You are also required to submit the character certificates and health certificates that will continue to prove your eligibility for the required visa.

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. As one of the most sought after migration destinations in the world, the UK offers many options for people who want to settle down. Usually, people must first move to the UK temporarily and then apply for an ILR (Unrestricted Leave Leave). Some of the ways to move to the UK include:

  • Moving to the UK with a job offer in hand
  • Settling in the UK on a student route
  • Settling in the UK if you are married or engaged to a UK citizen or permanent resident
  • Moving to the UK as a start-up entrepreneur
  • Moving to the UK as an investor
  • To move to the UK, candidates will need good IELTS scores and must meet all technical, legal and financial means. These terms depend on your shipping method. Ray7 helps individuals identify the right way to move and helps them in all stages of their journey. Our 20 years of immigration makes it your best choice to increase your chances of settling in the UK.
  • Skilled foreign workers with a job offer in a shortage area


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  • In 2020, the UK government announced a points-based arrival plan. The main features of point-based migration are:
  • Candidates for EU migration and non-EU countries will be considered equally.
  • A point-based plan should be followed by highly skilled workers, skilled workers, and students wishing to come to the UK.
  • For skilled workers, job allocation is required.
    The wage rate has been reduced from 30,000 pounds to 26,000 pounds a year.
  • Applicants must demonstrate their ability to communicate in English (A level or equivalent).
  • Highly skilled professionals must be approved by the UK authorities, but they do not need to be given a job.
  • Students wishing to study in the UK will be subject to a points-based system and will be required to submit a letter of entry confirmation from the institution, as well as English proficiency and financial resources.
  • 70 points minimum points required to qualify for a visa

The applicant will receive 50 points if they have a work offer in the United Kingdom and are able to communicate in English. Any of the following qualifications can be used to earn the additional 20 points needed to qualify for the visa:

  • Applicant will receive 20 points if you have a job offer worth at least 26,000 pounds per year.
  • A relevant PhD is worth 10 points, while a PhD in a STEM field is worth 20 points.
  • An offer for a position with a skill shortage is worth 20 points.


      Maximum points

Job offer

20 points

Job at appropriate skill level

20 points

English speaking skills

10 points

Salary of 26,000 and above or relevant PhD in a STEM subject

10 + 10 = 20 points


70 points



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