Manitoba Immigration – The province of Manitoba administrates its own provincial nominee program for individuals who pledge their preference to settle in the province and who demonstrate that they will be able to significantly contribute to the economy of the province either through their skill sets or investment in a local business. The Manitoba Provincial nominee program or MPNP for short, is similar to the federally run Express Entry program and uses a point -based system to assess potential candidates.

The program is intended for international workers who satisfy the following criteria,

  1. They have the required skills, education as well as work experience for making a meaningful contribution to the economy of the province
  2. They show with sufficient plausibility their preference to settle in the province, and
  3. They intend to become permanent residents in Canada

The MPNP is mainly based on the requirements of local employers in the province of Manitoba. International workers who are experienced in the skills that are in demand are nominated through the program to obtain Canada PR visa from the federal government and settle in Manitoba. The Manitoba provincial nominee program has two main streams for skilled workers

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

The MPNP for Skilled Workers in Manitoba is intended for skilled workers who possess the requisite education, skills, training, and work experience, as well as proficiency in one or both of the and official languages, English and French, so that they are able to contribute to the economy and community of the province.  Skilled international workers who are already working in the province of Manitoba are eligible to apply under this stream.

Skilled Workers Overseas

The Manitoba PNP for Skilled Workers Overseas is intended for individuals who are situated outside the province but can show with sufficient plausibility that they have a connection with the province in one of the following ways,

  1. They have relatives or friends already living in the province
  2. They have previous education or work experience from the province
  3. They have received an ITA from the province of Manitoba directly,

If interested in applying through either of the above streams, then you will need to submit a Settlement Plan, detailing your and your family’s plan to settle and thrive in Manitoba, while successfully contributing to the provincial economy.

The province gives first priority to professionals who work in occupations that are aligned with the National Occupations Classification (NOC), which means that if you work in an occupation that falls within the NOC categories that have been prescribed for Manitoba, then your application for Manitoba immigration is more likely to be accepted.  You will need to satisfy the following criteria

  1. Score a minimum of 60 out of 100 in the assessment grid for MPNP.
  2. Must have minimum work experience of two years in the relevant field
  3. You will need to score a minimum of band 4.5 in IELTS
  4. Must have all the necessary documentation that is required for applying for MPNP

Business Investor stream

The Business Investor Stream enables the province of Manitoba to nominate entrepreneurs and business investors from all over the world to setup a business and settle in the province. The stream nominates investors who demonstrate their ability and intention for starting or purchasing a business in the province within 24 months of arriving in Canada on a work permit. The business investor stream consists of two pathways for Manitoba immigration.

The Entrepreneur Pathway
The Entrepreneur Pathway enables the province to nominate business persons with the intention and ability to establish, take up partnership or purchase a local business in the province within 24 months of entering the province.

Eligibility criteria for applying

  1. You will need to have at least three years of experience in senior management position or as the owner of a company
  2. should have a minimum language proficiency of CLB – 5
  3. should have an education that is equivalent to Canadian high school cert or higher
  4. You should have a net worth of 500,000 CAD or above and Should be able and willing to invest 2,50,000 CAD for starting a business within the Manitoba capital region (MCR), or 1,50,000 CAD for investing in a business outside the MCR

The Farm Investor Pathway

The Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) is intended for persons who have experience in running a farm business and sufficient capital to invest in and operate farming operation in the province. The applicant is required to produce products that are consistent with the existing farm industry in the province.

Eligibility criteria for applying

  1. At least three years of experience of owning and managing a farm
  2. Proficiency in English and/or French. You will need to take a Farm investor pathway if found eligible in one of the two languages
  3. You should have a net worth of at least 500,000 CAD and should be able and willing to make a minimum investment of 300,000 CAD to establish or enhance a farming business in the province
  4. you should undertake a research visit to the province
  5. you should be actively involved in the day to day running of the farm.

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