Bishkek International Medical Institute - Kyrgyzstan

The Bishkek Medical Institute has a modern infrastructure for the implementation of any research projects. We will be glad to see and are waiting for students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries. Each student will be provided to the library with ebooks and hard cover books both in English and Russian, computers, Internet. Highly qualified teacher staff of our BIMI provides quality education and practical training for future doctors.

The Bishkek International Medical Institute (BIMI) was founded in 2019.
BIMI offers the opportunity to study in one of the modern educational medical centers in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. The students encouraged to build their knowledge based on the high qualified teaching staff and excellent teaching base on the practical skills within BIMI medical clinics.

BIMI offers education, based on the authors technologies teaching by highly qualified academic staff teachers; a lot of attention is paid to developing practical skills for future doctors; up to day well equipped modern computer simulation center; and other modern educational technologies.

WHY CHOOSE Bishkek International Medical Institute?

Why opt for Bishkek International Medical Institute – Kyrgyzstan Admissions ?

Our educational process combines an innovative approach and the latest technology in education. All lectures and practical classes will be conducted in English and Russian languages.

Training in the specialty “Medicine” is conducted by the specialist programs and lasts 5 years. The graduate is awarded the qualification “Physician”.
In order to independently manage patients, it is necessary to pass the following stages of training: residency, internship or postgraduate study. Medicine is the basic medical education, after which you can get a narrower specialization: surgeon, therapist, cardiologist, pediatrician, etc.


In the BIMI there are 2 hostels with 750 beds for students.
These hostels includes comfortable living rooms, reading rooms, a large dining hall, kitchens , laundry, bathrooms and showers, restroom, and beautiful landscape area.


The BIMI’s library provides necessary special textbooks, electronic library, computer classes, which are equipped with all necessary teaching materials. Each student has full access to all necessary print and on line materials and resources.


The clinic is modernized, with well-developed infrastructure and compliance with all licensing requirements.

Bishkek International Medical Institute - Kyrgyzstan


Submit This Documents Along With Application
  • 10th Marksheet
  • 12th Marksheet
  • NEET Score Card
  • Passport copy
Recive NOA from Bishkek International Medical Institute – KyrgyzstanAdmission Confirmation letter from the University
Pay Your Tution fees to University account with NOA from UniversityFees to be Transfered by Parent
Submit following documents for red ribbion process
Attend Visa Interview at Kyrgyzstan embassy to get your visaAll Your Orginal Documents Verified
Fly to UniversityBishkek International Medical Institute – Kyrgyzstan





1. What kind of food is available in Philippines?

Philippines is famous for its cuisine and an entire range of delicacies.

At UV Gullas College of Medicine, Indian food is available for Indian students. The menu is customized and made specially for Indian students so that they feel at home and are able to focus more on their studies without missing their motherland. Watch our students share their experiences on food & hostel life at UV Gullas!

2. Is there any Donation or Capitation fees to be paid?

NO. There is no donation or capitation fee of any kind in UV Gullas College of Medicine. Students need to pay only the nominal tuition fee.

3. Why is Philippines better than other countries for MBBS?

     1).English is the medium of education:

Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world. So English is spoken widely across the country. It’ll be a smooth transition for students from Asian countries especially India, in both classrooms and for living in the city. That is why past Indian students of UV Gullas College of medicine feel home at Philippines. Hear it from them directly here. Whereas to study MBBS in other countries like Russia, Germany and China, you need to learn their native languages.

      2). Cost of living:

Philippines is one of the 5 cheapest countries to live in the world, the cost of living, combined with fees structure is more affordable for Indian students than any other countries compared to the quality of education provided at UV Gullas.

      3). Same weather conditions:

Philippines is a subtropical country with weather conditions almost similar to India. So, it helps the students to adapt easily for a living and also to get used to practicing medicine in a country similar to India, with similar weather and geographical patterns, unlike the other cold European countries where everything is completely different.

      4). American education system:

As the MD Syllabus in Philippines follows the American education system, students can crack the USMLE examinations easily. Students from UV Gullas is recognized all over the world as quality healthcare practitioners.

      5). Same disease pattern:

As the Philippines has similar weather conditions like in India, the disease patterns are almost the same. It helps Indian students to have a smooth transition when they come back to practice medicine in India. Watch proud Indian Students at UV Gullas College of Medicine explain the benefits of studying in a globally recognized university.

4. Can I Practice in India after completing M.D degree from the Philippines?

Yes! There is no difference between M.D Degree and MBBS degree. However, from this year onwards, the MCI(Medical Council of India – also now known as the National Medical Commission), has decided to conduct a comprehensive test called NEXT – National Exit Test for students who have done MBBS from India or Abroad. As per the new regulation, passing the test makes one eligible to practice within the country. This has being implemented to prevent Quackery which has been on a on a rise for the past decade.

You should also know that Indian students from UV Gullas College of Medicine have showed extremely high success rate in the MCI screening test over the years!

5. Can I do my higher studies in India after Completing Medical Degree from the Philippines?

Yes! As a general practice, students who study medicine abroad should pass a screening test which before was called FMGE(Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) and now it has been replaced by the NEXT(NEXT – National Exit Test). The NEXT is conducted by the Medical Council of India (Now known as the National Medical Commission) where students who have learned medicine from within India or abroad have to attempt it, and pass in order to be eligible to practice. This has never been a worry for alumni of UV Gullas College of Medicine, because they have one of the highest success rates in passing MCI’s screening test with flying colors.

6. What documents are required for getting admission?

Class 10th and Class 12th mark sheet photocopies and a copy of a photo ID proof are required to start the admission processing for UV Gullas College of Medicine. During the admission process, passport, and a set of 19 original documents will be needed. For more details contact our representative at +91 9573688300.

7. What is the minimum marks required in +2 to study Medical course in philippines?

Students should have more than 50% marks in physics, chemistry, biology or botany and zoology for the 12th grade and should have passed NEET so that they are eligible to come back and practice in India. to pursue MBBS in Philippines. For those who haven’t passed the NEET entrance, there is still hope as they can start off with the medical education without wasting a year in NEET REPEAT or the Repeaters batch again. For more details contact our representative at

+91 9573688300.

8. What is the total duration of this course?

The total duration of this Doctor of Medicine (MD) course is 5.5 years. The first 18 months focuses on building a foundation for a strong medical education and is called the Bachelor of Science program. Subsequent, 4 years contain the theoretical side of medicine and the practical implementation through processes called Skills Labs, Clinical Rotation, Cadaver Training etc. Though the program is richer, intense, deeper and contains PG level of Medical knowledge, it is considered as an equivalent to the MBBS programs offered in India.

9. Can I do my higher studies in India after Completing Medical Degree from the Philippines?

Yes. Students who study medicine abroad should pass screening test conducted by Medical Council of India to join higher studies in Indian medical colleges.

10. Are there any age limitations for securing admission?

There are no age requirements set by the medical university for admission. Philippines Embassy gives Student Visa only for students who are 18 years of age. If you are 17 years old, you can get Special Study Permit(SSP) which is valid for one semester (UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu City, deems the semester as per the course followed by the student which may vary from 4 months to 6 months). After one semester, if you have not crossed 18 years, you have option to renew SSP till you become eligible and this process goes on till the student acquires the Student Visa. Click to find more details on Philippines student visa.

11. Is MBBS from UV Gullas College of Medicine recognized by the Medical council of India?

UV Gullas College of Medicine is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). MCI validates the quality of a University and the colleges affiliated to it, before approving them to provide education to Indian students. As a mark of quality and trust, UV Gullas is approved by global organizations such as WHO, CHED, FAIMER, ECFMG, etc.


Call us: 1800 309 5677

Whats app:

+91 9573688300





Our Brochures


IN compliance with CHED -DOH joint memorandum circular(JMC), GCM is applying for the gradual limited Face-Face classes for 1’st year to 3’rd Year in the AY 2021-22, Hence the listed Documents are required to comply

  1. Copy of Medical Insurance / Phil Health with covid coverage in the philippines.
  2. Prrof of vaccination Covid-19
  3. Medical certificate with attached latest LaboratoryExam results ( Chest X-Ray,CBC,and Urinalysis)
  4. Notarized informed consent
  5. Signed Health Declaration form: https//  
  6. Negative RT-PCR Result 3-days prior to the start of the gradual limited Face to Face Classes.
  7. Please submit above required documents in online via provided link.

1. Is everybody required to comply? Yes

2. If I am outside the Country, should I still comply?


3. What if I cannot comply all the requirements, what will I do?

Send whatever you can comply on or before May 24, 2021 but please take note that it will affect our application as we have to send names to CHED of those who have complied. Therefore, make sure to send remaining requirements through the given link even after May 24, 2021 the soonest.

4. When will I know that I should go for RT-PCR Test?

Once the school receives the permit from CHED, five days prior to the actual start of classes an advisory will be posted in MS Teams. Hence, 3 days prior to the posted class start, you must have your RT-PCR Test.

5. I’m outside of the Philippines and my Visa expired already, what shall I do?

First, contact your Consultant for assistance. Second, once the face-to-face application is approved by CHED, the school will request for an endorsement by CHED for No Objection Certificate (NOC) for you to return to the Philippines. The NOC will be attached by the school when assisting your application to the DFA for the Clearance or Endorsement / Approval for your entry to the Philippines. With the help of your Consultant, you may apply for your Tourist Visa (9A) or Student Visa (9F) so that you can be allowed entry to the Philippines. You need CHED NOC and DFA approval in your application.

6. Can the school provide Endorsement Letter for the vaccination?

Yes, kindly email They will be the one to prepare the endorsement for the students. However, you must register to the Mandaue vaccination link at:

7. I received one vaccine outside of Cebu, can I have my second dose in Mandaue through its vaccination link?

What if the vaccine I received is different from the vaccine available in Mandaue, what will I do? Please inform the Dean’s Office through Ms. Cristy at, they will guide you on what to do. Please inform the Dean’s Office through Ms. Cristy at and provide them with your first dose vaccination details.

8. I have received two vaccinations outside of Mandaue, shall I still register in the Mandaue link?

No. 2 Covid vaccinations are enough.

9. How about the current MD3 going to MD-4, are they still included?

Yes, they are included. All present 1st year to 3rd year medical students need to comply. However, there will be an advisory coming from the Chief of Clinics for the incoming 4 th yrs. You may also get in-touch with Chief of Clinics Office through or chat in MS Teams through Ms. Shaira Flores.

10. Can I have insurance from abroad?

Yes, you can but make sure that it has covid coverage and also can be used here in the Philippines and valid for 1 year