Why MBBS in Philippines ?

Philippines, Your trusted study destination partner

Philippine universities are the worlds most affordable, according to a recent survey published by global study analysis on the affordability and accessibility in higher education.

Philippines have 90% literacy rate. It shows and proves that Education is primary concern in the country.   

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian Country in the Western Pacific, comprised of more than 7,000 Islands. The capital city – Manila is famous for its waterfront promenade and centuries-old Chinatown, Binondo. It is home to the baroque 17th-century San Agustin Church as well as Fort Santiago, a storied citadel and military prison.

Philippines is one of the most preferred destination for studying MBBS over Kyrgkysthan, Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, China and Georgia by Indian students. Not only students from Indian and other countries as well. The reason behind this was, high quality medical education at affordable fees structure and of International Standards which are globally approved and accepted.

The Medical Degree which is called as Doctor of Medicine in Philippines by the Medical universities  are approved by many International organisations which are globally acceptable like MCI, WHO, FMGE. Almost good number of medical colleges in Philippines are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for Indian students to apply and study Medicine. The easy in visa processing making it one of the easiest countries to apply for studying medicine programs.

“The government has more resources to spend on infrastructure, education and healthcare, which can raise productivity and drive long-run growth,”

Top 10 Reasons for Study Medicine in Philippines

Philippines also attracts students from more than 65 countries. Students from the United States and Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong and especially India, are safely studying in a conducive environment.


Taking Medical education into consideration, Philippines stands out as one of the finest options among various countries. The cost of pursuing Medical education in Philippines is much lower than other countries like USA, Australia, China, etc. It provides the perfect amalgamation of theoretical & practical education, which enables the students to become successful Medical practitioners across the globe.

Affordable MBBS Course

The Indian students can study MBBS in Philippines at very low cost. The cost of living in most of the cities are also less. Thus many Indian students can afford medical education in the Philippines.

Hands on Practice

The Medical colleges have advanced medical equipments which allow students to learn practically. Interaction with patients and practical learning will be helpful for the students

No Donation

Our Universities and colleges are Donation free institutions. Offers opportunity to every eligible student.

Medium of Language

Philippines is the fourth largest English speaking country in the world. English is used as a medium of instruction in all the Medical Universities of Philippines.

Trusted Study Destination

Philippines is Trusted Study destination partner for Medical Education, It is attracting the students from more than 65 countries

No Language Barrier

In countries like China, Russia, Ukraine Indian students must have to learn their local languages. But in Philippines, English is the official language. So Indian students will not find it difficult to learn.

Accredited Medical Degree

Top Medical Universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI)and enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools along with WHO,ECFMG,CHED.

Best in class Facilities

Along with Best Accommodation facilities Indian food available at in house hostel & College and in city side resturents as well.

International Academic curriculum

Philippines follows the American Style PBL Curriculum. So the curriculum is internationally Valid and globally acceptable.

USMLE ( License to practise in USA )

Philippines follows the American Style PBL Curriculum. All eligible students should clear all three steps of USMLE to practice in the USA. As they are following unites states standards, which makes license exam more easier

The major benefit of completing MD/MS in USA or Germany is that students do not need to appear for MCI Screening Test before or after MBBS in Philippines/Abroad. Upon your degree completion in Philippines, you can pursue Postgraduate level (MD/MS) from USA/Germany without clearing the MCI test. The degree offered from USA or Germany would be valid in India as well. Also, all the students are given a monthly stipend when they pursue further studies in the United States of America.

Passing out from the Medical Universities of Philippines, graduates can appear for the licensing exam of USA i.e. USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) step – one, two and three to practice medicine in the USA.

In August 2019, the Lok Sabha passed the National Medical Commission Bill 2019, which states that MBBS Graduates in India will be required to sit for a national-level exit exam call National Exit Test (NEXT). 


Advantages of NEXT for MBBS


  • Increasing the Number of Qualified MBBS graduates:

With the use of one exit exam, medical colleges in India will be able to produce skilled and qualified MBBS graduates. As per statistics and report, India produces nearly 60,000 MBBS graduates every year. Which, even though seems to be a lot, the doctor to patient ratio still remains high. Moreover, there is a lack in the number of qualified and skilled doctors who do make a difference in society. By introducing one common exit exam for all MBBS graduates, the government will be able to regulate the quality of MBBS graduates.

  • Uniformity through One Exam

Adding to the point above, introducing one exit, licentiate and screening exam will allow only those graduates with the practical and theoretical skill to operate in day to conditions of India. However, the process of bringing in uniformity among MBBS graduates will take time.

  • Quality Enhancement of Medical Facilities

As part of the exit exam and overall requirement to be a doctor, and as mentioned above, each MBBS candidate will be required to have worked for 3 years in rural and tribal settings. Currently, the medical facilities available in rural and more remote areas of the country lack the necessary medical facilities. Through NEXT, it is possible to improve the conditions of the remote settings and enhance the health care facilities for each citizen of the country.

  • Removal of Unnecessary Paperwork for Foreign Students

Earlier, any foreign MBBS graduate who wished to pursue his/her career in India was required to sit for an MCI screening test, also known as FMGE, which has been known to include a sea of paperwork.

  • Build an International Recognition

Once the exit exam is operational, it is expected to see India follow the medical regulations and medical development as seen in international countries. One of the major objectives of NEXT and NMC Bill 2019, in general, is to enhance the overall medical industry in India. Thus, also helping India become a global competitor in terms of medical services offered.


Overview and Objectives of NEXT


Keeping in mind the statements made above, here are some of the objectives of NEXT exit ema for MBBS. We will also talk about the changes that will come under the new exit and licentiate exam which will become mandatory for MBBS graduates to clear, in order to be deemed as qualified doctors.

  • Through NEXT, the Centre plans to produce a more qualified and skilled batch of MBBS graduates in India. With the help of introducing a much deeper understanding of concepts and enhancing the skills with reference to problem-solving in the final MBBS students. A more practical aspect will be brought in through the examination as well.

  • Apart from being an exit test for MBBS students in India, NEXt will also cater to aspirants who completed their MBBS from abroad but wish to practice medicine in India. Earlier, such candidates were to sit for Foreign Medical Graduate Exam or commonly known as FMGE. With the implementation of the Bill, it is expected to see FMGE be replaced by NEXT as well.

  • Recent Amendments state that the examination will also be the common denominator for granting admissions to the postgraduate medical courses in India, subsequently replacing NEET-PG.

  • Along with being an entrance, licentiate and screening test, a common counselling process will also be conducted under NEXT for admissions to MBBS and PG medical courses in India.

Among some of the other changes that have been proposed with NEXT for MBBS graduates, it has also been proposed that MBBS graduates who clear the exam will be required to work for 3 years in a rural or tribal area. Further, those planning to pursue an MD/MS or any PG medical course following their MBBS degree, candidates will further be asked work for another 3 years in similar difficult areas, in the specialisation chosen by them.


Overview and Out Line


A person intending to practice in India after obtaining primary Medical qualification needs to qualify the foreign Medical Graduate Examination ( FMGE ) until the national exit test becomes operational. The national Exit test ( NExT) examination shall consist of NExT Step-1 and NExT step – 2. For FMG’s step 1 will includes an additional paper to assess the knowledge of Pre and Para clinical subjects also. Foreign Medical graduates are required to qualify screening test in India (FMGE/NExT) with in two years of completing the MBBS abroad



Getting settled in Philippines is also a good option for the graduates. After completing MBBS in  Philippines, you can practice there or choose to pursue post-graduation. Many candidates choose this option as a career path.

In the current scenario, Hospital management is a fast developing sector, offering good career options for the students from Medical background. Students also go for Masters in Hospital Management, after MBBS from Philippines.

Students will surely have a bright future in their medical career after returning back to India as many medical institutions look for fresh talent graduating from Top Medical Universities of Philippines to widen the scope of knowledge and utilize their International exposure.

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